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Morley Meadow Primary School

Morley Meadow Primary School

Design Technology

Designers and makers from Morley Meadow Primary School are engaged through enquiry and questioning of the world they live in. They are learning through an inspiring, practical and cross-curricular approach allowing them to experience and hone techniques whilst using their imagination to communicate what they see and feel.

They are explorative, questioning, risk-taking, critical, reflective, practical, thoughtful, challenging, independent, observational, analytical, creative, imaginative and expressive. Skills, techniques, vocabulary and questioning are taught progressively to ensure all learners develop as they move through the school.

We access the curriculum through a wide range of media, tools and materials allowing children to explore and choose for themselves to make their work personal and reflective.

See our full statement in the attachment below. 

To view our online 'DT Activities' gallery please click HERE