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Morley Meadow Primary School

Morley Meadow Primary School

School Council

The School Council is designed to give children some ownership of the issues that are important to them in their school.

Two children in each class will be chosen by their classmates to represent their views on how to make the school an even better place in which to be educated.  

As members of the School Council the children commit to the following:

  • I come to school regularly and on time.
  • I am a good role model to other pupils.
  • I will be able to attend the meetings.
  • I try my best every day.
  • I show respect to everyone around me.
  • I take responsibility for my actions.
  • I am proud of our school and want to make it even better.

Children will meet regularly with Mrs John to discuss ways forward and to explain reasons behind certain courses of action.  This is a vital element in our PHSE Citizenship Programme.  

School Council members for each class are selected by their classmates to represent them and our current school councillors are:


Y1 - Parker and Bellamy 

Y2 - Cruz and Freya 

Y3 - Isla and Harry 

Y4 - Maddie and Theo 

Y5 - Mimi and Ella-Rose

Y6 - Eve and Sophie